Finnish-born multi millionaire Peter Nygård, has purchased an incredible Boeing Super 727-100 airplane — an aircraft that actor/pilot John Travolta was also interested in buying.

“Air travel today has become increasingly ‘cumbersome’. You need to arrive @ the airports hours before flight time & then spend so much time just in waiting in lines. I simply don’t have this kind of time”, says Peter Nygård.

Nygård is use to working 14-hr days — he has offices all over the world & most days due to the time differences he works well into the nights. “I need to be in the know about my business & what is happening in my offices — sometimes I am on the phone well past midnight”, he says. Now, in the future he will be able to also work from his plane – as a complete network system will be installed. Nygård’s airplane is currently being refurbished at Aerospace in San Antonio. “Maintenance & interior design will take approximately 6-9 months to complete”.

Sauna, a Disco & a Movie Theatre

Peter Nygård does not like discussing money – he has always maintained that if you like or want something very much – then get it. According to IltaSanomat sources – Nygård’s airplane cost approx USD10M & USD4M will be spent on interior design & upgrades. One hobby very close to Peter Nygård’s heart is architecture & design – he has designed all of his company offices himself & now he will also design his airplane. Nygård shared that there will be an ‘in-flight theatre’ with a 71″ plasma screen (in fact every room will be equipped with a large plasma screen), Finnish sauna — with a glass wall shower room featuring a never-ending water fall — “What will be unique about this sauna is that the benches will be able to recess to ground level. In addition to the theatre & sauna, there will be a large bedroom, dining room, a disco & a karaoke room.”

‘N727PN’ – aircraft (N=North America, PN=Peter Nygård) – will hold capacity of 24 passengers — with sleepers for 16.

Top Chef & Masseuse

Food on-board will be prepared by a top chef & passengers will receive in-flight massages. As a result of purchasing the airplane – Nygård has formed an in-house ‘aviation’ division as part of his company. On the payroll are 4 pilots, 3 air flight attendants as well as a full technical crew. “I can hardly wait to start flying”, said an enthusiastic Nygård.

Having been in the fashion business for over 37 years – multimillionaire Nygård is known for taking basic bare bones structures & moulding them into things of beauty – like his home, Nygård Cay Bahamas Resort – which is well known as a ‘destination’ for many VIPs. His offices worldwide are unique & breathtaking in their designs.

Next in the works will be a ‘reality TV’ show on the transformation of this Boeing Super 727-100 airplane!

Peter Nygård ‘Facts’:

Business: NYGÅRD Int’l – with annual sales of USD600M
Home: Nygård Cay Bahamas Resort, Lyford Cay, Bahamas
Hobbies: Work & Charitable Causes
Winnipeg: AUG26 a Gala Fundraising event – with proceeds going toward finding a cure for breast cancer
Toronto: SEP10 a Grand Opening of a massive store – NYGÅRD Fashion Park – Top Women’s Fashion Brands under one roof
Nygård Cay Bahamas Resort: SEP17 – a Gala event for the Bahamas Film Festival showcasing chosen 20th Century Fox film