Chairman Peter Nygård was once again featured in the Bahama Journal in an article by PJ Malone entitled “Peter Nygard Gave 110 Employees $10,000 Each“.

‘Thanks A Million!’ That’s how much fashion mogul Peter Nygard spent, (actually, 1.1 million dollars to be exact) to give each NYGARD company associate, who had been with the company twenty years or more, ten thousand dollars. It was about 110 employees. That was during celebrations for Peter Nygard’s thirty-five years in business.

One employee said, “You don’t ever expect to win the lottery in your life, and you don’t expect your employer to give you $10,000!”

There wasn’t a dry eye anywhere in the room after Peter Nygard announced that all NYGARD employees who had been with the company for twenty years or more would find extra money on their bank accounts that payday.

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