Just as Canada opened its doors and welcomed Peter Nygård and his family when they emigrated from Finland in the 1950s, so did Mr. Nygård open the doors of Valhalla to his friends and neighbours for a celebration of Canada Day.

Nygård hosted the Canada Day celebrations at Valhalla, his expansive newly renovated cottage on Falcon Lake. The event featured pony rides, games for children, a temporary tattoo station, kayaking, a water trampoline, roaming performances and a full show by legendary Las Vegas magician and mentalist Simon Winthrop, a volleyball tournament, karaoke, a BBQ, and a spectacular private fireworks show produced by Archangel Fireworks.

Over 500 guests partook of Nygård’s generosity, as he welcomed friends new and old into the NYGÅRD family. For those who missed the party, Falcon Lake residents enjoyed a small taste of Valhalla, as Nygård made a significant contribution to the fireworks display for the community’s public Canada Day celebration. Nygård also used local suppliers to provide food and refreshments for his guests.

Nygård was on the road at the age of 14, hitchhiking his way to Falcon for his first experience of the lake community, which reminded him of his homeland of Finland.

Nygård is a long-time resident and beloved neighbour of the Falcon Lake community: always concerned for the well-being of others, Nygård worked as a lifeguard at Falcon during his youth. Ever determined, his Finnish “sisu” (strong determination and will) led him to own his first cottage just a few years later, at the age of 18.